Holiday/Epic Problem split 7″ Out Now!


The long awaited split 7″ between Holiday and Epic Problem is finally out! We have copies on clear vinyl and super limited black vinyl. Both bands are incredible and although they’re a bit more poppier than most of the bands we work with, we’re still incredibly pleased to have them as part of Prejudice Me Records.

They’re currently half way through a mini tour of the north of the UK and you should totally check them out if they’re playing near you. See the poster below for details;

Epic Problem Holiday Tour Poster

You can check the EP out here and pick it up for £3.50 plus postage here.

Cheers! Fran & Zoe X

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xKATExMOSHx/Sete Star Sept splits are finally here!

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a new record out! A split 7″ between the finest Italian Powerviolence band named after a UK supermodel, xKATExMOSHx, and legendary Japanese grindcore duo Sete Star Sept. It’s brutal, pummeling and fucking amazing!

You can pick one up from our webstore for £3 plus p&p or send us an email if you don’t want to pay via paypal.

You can check out the entire xKATExMOSHx side here –

And you can here a couple of the Sete Star Sept tunes here –

Cheers! Fran & Zoe X

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A Massive Thank You For An Amazing 2014.

We realise we’re a bit late with this but we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the bands we’ve worked with, all the other labels that have helped us out and traded with us, all the zines and online places that have reviewed our stuff and helped the bands out, anyone who’s ever picked up some records or supported in us any way last year. You’re all amazing, to write a list would take forever and not really be very interesting…..

2014 has been an incredible year for us, we’ve worked with tons of our favourite bands, traded with loads of our favourite labels and distros and made lots of amazing friends from all over the world! In fact, last year we released more records than in in the previous two and a half years combined! We wouldn’t be able to do this without all your help, we really appreciate it!

2015’s already looking amazing, we’ve got tons of new stuff coming up from lots of fantastic bands, there are loads more festivals this year in the UK and Europe, there are tons of new labels and distros springing up every month. All this is a great indicator how well the DIY punk/hardcore/crust/whatever scene is doing at the moment.

Have a fantastic 2015 and don’t let the bastards keep grinding you down!


Fran & Zoe X

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Trophies – There Will Be No Light 12″ now available, come get it with no postage charges from the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair.

Hey Everyone,

Our latest release, ‘There Will Be No Light’ by the fantastic Trophies from Malmo, Sweden, is finally available! This is probably one of the best and bleakest releases we’ve ever been part of. Thirteen tracks of political, emo-ish hardcore that is perfect for miserable winter mornings. You can stream it online here and pick it up from our Big Cartel for £6 plus p+p here. It’s available on either brown or red/brown splatter vinyl.

We’re also having a stall at the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair tomorrow (29/11/14) where you can pick up the Trophies record alongside all our other available releases and check out our ever expanding distro, all without postage charges. We’ve got new distro stuff too from the likes of Carry The Weight Records and Refuse Records.

It’s always a brilliant day full of talks, workshops and other great stalls so please check it out if you’re around the Manchester area. Other stalls include our friends Pumpkin Records, Teatime Collective (best vegan pies ever made….), North45, One Way Ticket to Cubesville, Under The Pavement, Subrosa and loads more.


Fran & Zoe X

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Happy Vegan Day!!!!

Hey Everyone!

We’re away tomorrow so we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a massive happy vegan day! It seems as years go by more and more people are boycotting meat, dairy, eggs, leather and all other items manufactured from the animals that are just basically being exploited for commercial gain.

We all know a vegan diet/lifestyle is brilliant for your health, the environment, encouraging conversations from people you meet who find out you’re vegan and then want to prove that it’s a) a waste of time, b) prove that something you have on you isn’t vegan, c) enquire about your dietary preferences if you were ever stranded on a desert island, d) enquire about your protein needs or e) all of the above. But let us not forget that the main reason most people have for eschewing animal products is to protect animals from death, torture and exploitation.

Suggested PM vegan day playlist!

Burnt Cross – They Kill Dogs (Exitstance Cover)

Atterkop – Mary The Elephant

Landverraad – Korova

Lawine – Dreams Asleep

Tyrannicide – AIDA

Filthpact – Blood Sport Charade

Anyway, sorry for the rant but have a great Halloween and an even better vegan day tomorrow!

Cheers! Fran & Zoe X


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This Ends Here – Afterwards EP’s are here and we survived the Dirty Weekend Festival!

After several months in the works we managed to pick up our copies of the This Ends Here – Afterwards 7″ EP last weekend. 3 tracks of really heavy political crusty hardcore from Bristol, UK. We’ve got them available in pink, blue and super limited, hand-numbered black test presses. They’re all up for sale here.

This Ends Here afterwards square

While we’re here we should mention that we had a fantastic time at the Dirty Weekend Festival. It’s fast becoming the best, friendliest and best organised DIY festivals in the UK and the organisers, punters and everyone else involved deserve a massive thank you for making it all so great, we want to say a massive hello to all our friends, old and new we saw there!

Cheers! Fran & Zoe.


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New records, new merch & new record announcements!

Hey everyone,

Wow, so sorry we’ve not been updating this as much as we should have. Especially seeing as more and more people have stopped using social media sites whether it be for security reasons or just getting frustrated at them.

We have had two new records out in the time since we last updated this, the Marnost/Oaken split and the Landverraad/Monday Suicide split have both been shifting really fast. Our next record will be the incredible This Ends Here’s ‘Afterwards’ 7″, really political ‘orrible crust from Bristol featuring ex-members of Jesus Bruiser and current members of Cydernide and Fresh Milk. The record is out now from the band and a few of the other labels involved but we’ll get ours in a couple of weeks when we pick them up at the incredible Dirty Weekend Festival.

Our next record after that will be a 12″ from an incredible emo-ish hardcore band from Malmo, Sweden called Trophies. This is also going to be co-released by Through Love Records & Hoborec and will hopefully be out sometime in October/November.

So before we go, just a mention that we have some new stickers & badges on the way and we should be getting some new patches soon too. We’ll get more info on these on the facebook page and on here when we do. The stickers and badges as always will be totally free so if you want some without placing an order, please get in touch via

Thanks for reading this and also for the support!

Cheers! F&ZX


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Shitloads of new records and even more coming soon!


new flyer may 14 FINAL copyHey everyone!

So, we have had four new records out in the past couple months by the likes of Burnt Cross, Anthrax, Cop Problem, No Confidence, Rivers Run Dry and Drip Of Lies. They’re all up on the webstore and you can check out what they sound like on the releases tab up on the top ( click on the links to bands and they’re should either be a Bandcamp link or somewhere to listen to it)

<- This is our most up to date flyer, if you want copies to hand round your local area or anything we can send you some alongside some stickers and badges and whatever else we can find laying around!


In addition to these, coming soon we have a split 12″ between experimental synth-crust band Oaken and antifascist black metallers Marnost.  Really looking forward to this one, lots of European labels already have their copies, Oaken have members of Rivers Run Dry, Tyrell’s Owl and loads more from the Dzukhell collective in Hungary (They’re next record has been picked up by the mighty Alerta Antifascista records!). Marnost are another collective band from the Czech Republic featuring members Of Gattaca, Remek and other Music For Liberation bands.

Our other biggie is the return of Dutch anarcho superheroes Landverraad and Belarus political garage punkers Monday Suicide. Anyone who caught Landverraad on their last UK tour that they’re absolutely amazing and the coolest people. Monday Suicide are a brilliant new(ish) band from Belarus, check out the link above to hear some tunes.

Lastly, massive thanks to everyone who’s ordered some stuff over the past few months. It’s really appreciated not only by us but also but the fine people at Subrosa Manchester who we’ve been helping out for the past year and a half.

Cheers! Fran & zoe X


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3 New Records Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!

Really sorry about the lack of updates this site keeps getting but we will sort it out one day. We’ve both been really busy recently helping set up Manchester’s new autonomous space Subrosa, things are starting to look really good and hopefully we’ll be set up and doing a roaring trade very soon.

So, as you may have guessed by the title, we have some new records coming out really soon.

Cop Problem - bbwn EP

Cop Problem – Buried Beneath White Noise 7″ EP

Cop Problem’s second release, more furiously political crusty hardcore. Their self titled 7″ was one of the first records we put out and since then they’ve been playing shows (or gigs if you prefer) with the likes of Leftover Crack, Converge and loads more. They’re about to embark on a few dates around north east USA with Enabler including a slot at New England Hardcore and Metal Fest. More details on these here.

RRDDrip of Lies split. Rivers Run Dry/Drip Of Lies split 7″

This has been out for some time in Europe but we’ll be getting our copies pretty soon. This is Rivers Run Dry at their bleakest but still just as brilliant as always and the Drip Of Lies side is an amazing piece of epic anti-fascist  crust. Most of the other labels that helped release it have been saying that this is for fans of From Ashes Rise before they went shit. Can’t argue with that!


No Confidence - Cover FrontNo Confidence – Keep Going Nowhere 12″

These guys play brilliant melodic hardcore kinda like Kid Dynamite, Limp Wrist, 88 Fingers Louie etc. and feature members of bands like xKATExMOSHx, Taste The Floor and loads more.  Really excited to get this out, should hopefully be with us really soon too!



All these will be available on our webstore when we get hold of them so keep checking back here or on our FB account.


Fran & Zoe

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New Records and Massive Distro Additions

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we updated this but we have loads of massive news!

Atterkop EP coverFirst up, we’ve got a new record out! Atterkop’s debut EP is released officially today, we’ve helped put the tape out alongside our Bristolian brethren Riot Ska Records and German cassette powerhouse Uga Uga Tapes. There are CDs also available from Riotska, Pumpkin, Unknown and Rodent Popsicle. For some reason they like to describe themselves as Dub/Punk but they really sound like late 90’s/early 00’s skacore bands like Capdown, Adequate seven, Five Knuckle but a lot more political, a lot faster and generally a lot better than most of those bands did. We’ve known the singer Chris for a long time and he was a massive help when we were starting up so when he started up a new band we knew we had to get involved in helping them out. They’re seriously one of the friendliest bands around.

You can listen to a few tracks here and if you like it buy one of the tapes here.

Secondly, we’re going to be helping out Dutch anarchist superheroes Landverraad out with their upcoming split 12″ with an amazing political garage punk band from Belarus called Monday Suicide. Well excited for this one, you can hear a new track from Landverraad’s side of the split here.

Also, we’ll be helping out our Friend Luka (Panda Banda)’s band Human Host Body release their first 12″. Amazing anarcho/thrash/eco-crust from Slovenia, we (well, Fran) like to call it green metal but we don’t think that’ll catch on! We have both of their demo tapes in the distro but you can also check them out online here and here.

Lastly, we have added loads of stuff to the distro from two of our favourite record labels, Contraszt! Recs from Cologne, Germany and Halo Of Flies from Milwaukee, USA. loads to list here but check out the distro bits on the webstore for the additions.

Cheers for reading this and hopefully see you soon!

Fran & Zoe X


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