Indoctrinate – Kollapse LP now available! Plus new distro goodies from Conviction Records

Indoctrinate’s new record Kollapse is now available in the webstore!

Vienna’s DIY crust juggernauts Indoctrinate are back with their new LP ‘Kollapse’, picking up nicely where 2019’s Failbringer EP left off. Expect the usual crusty hardcore with explicit anarcho anti-capitalist overtones but with a few surprises thrown in. We’ve known these guys for years, ever since we helped release their debut LP ‘Aftermaths’ in 2015 and have affectionately called them our Indoctrimates ever since.

Recorded DIY in various bedrooms by Indoctrinate and Markus Matzinger
Scratches on Normalcy Über Alles provided and recorded by DJ Moe
Mixed by Markus Matzinger
Mastered by Brad Boatright

We also have a ton of new tapes in the distro from Conviction records;

Fragment – Promo 2024 tape (Nuremburg straight edge)
Spit – Promo tape (Northeast HC)
Distante – Carda Accion Cuenta tape (Buenos Aires Youth Crew)
Demand – Nearly Human tape (DC Hardcore, ex-firewalker)
Mortsafe – Carbon Prison tape (Blackened NE punk)
Fraud – March of Progress tape (Boston USHC)
CivilianXMind – Remembrance 12″ (Arizona straight edge)

Listen to Indoctrinate’s Kollapse here – (also available on most streaming sites)

All records and tapes available here –

Until next time! Fran, Zoe & Lucas. X

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