Update June 2020

Hi everyone,

Despite our lack of website updates, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve still been busy with the label and distro. Here’s what we’ve helped release in the last year or so:

  • Kalpa – A Grand Misconception 12” (loud DIY hardcore band from Athens, Greece.)
  • Better Reality – I Like Punk Life 7” (DIY super posi raw punk from Manchester/Sheffield.)
  • Spillage – Demo 2019 tape (new band from Manchester featuring our Fran on vocals! Spillage play melodic hardcore for the socially maligned.)
  • This Ends Here – The Last Hundred Years tape (the mighty Bristolian atmospheric crusty gloom merchants are back with just over 20 minutes of misery.)
  • Better Reality / Dad – Split 7” (Manchester/Sheffield’s Better Reality deliver three tracks of their now trademark posi raw punk, whilst Merseyside’s PV punks belt out 3 straight up blastbeat bangers.)

Also, on Friday we helped release Spillage’s first vinyl release (S/T 7”). It’s four tracks of political miserable hardcore. The band are running a raffle to win one of their test presses, with all money donated to Black Minds Matter UK. You have until Wednesday 24th June to enter (more details on their Facebook page).

To buy any of the above, check out our bigcartel site.

Thanks and take care, Zoe and Fran. x

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Atterkop’s new LP ‘Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking’ is out now!

Hi everyone,

It seems like ages since we had a new release (our last one came out April last year!) but we’re really pleased to say that our Bristolian brethren Atterkop have just released their new LP ‘Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking’ and it’s a superb follow up to their 1st record Liber Abaci.











Guest vocals including Bridget Hart, Ian Perkins, Rollo the dog and Otto the cat. Recorded by Ian at Worse Than Bad and mixed/mastered by Matty Pumpkin at MOA.
Also co-released by Pumpkin Records and Abracadaboum.

You can stream and download from their bandcamp here and we are selling them for £6.00 plus postage here.

Thanks, Fran & Zoe.

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Rivers Run Dry/Zerum – Split 12″ Out Now!

Hi everyone,

We’re super pleased to announce that we picked up our copies of the brilliant new split between Rivers Run Dry and Zerum last weekend. In our opinion it’s probably the best recorded output by both bands so far.

Zerum offer up three tracks of sludgy crusty political hardcore (they also feature ex-members of one our favourite bands – Biała Gorączka!) that are for some reason titled in binary code. Rivers Run Dry have offered up 6 tracks of their trademark epic crusty d-beat with fierce political content. It also comes on really cool marbled vinyl in a variety of nine different colours as seen below. You can check out Rivers Run Dry’s side here and Zerum’s side here. All colours are available on our Big Cartel site for £5.00 + p&p.

Take care! Fran & Zoe X

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70cm³ Of Your Chest – At First Chaos Came To Be Out Now on 12″ White Splatter Vinyl

Hi Everyone,

We’ve received our copies of the amazing vinyl release of 70cm³ Of Your Chest’s at first Chaos came to be. It looks amazing and sounds even better, 6 tracks of gloom laden yet upbeat epic hardcore on stunning white splatter vinyl.

You can pick one up for £6.00 plus postage here.

And you can stream & download it (it costs 1€) here.

Cheers! Fran & Zoe X

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This Ends Here/Wolfbeast Destroyer – Split Tape Out Now

Hey Everyone,

Bristolian D-beat gloom merchants This Ends Here are back again with a split tape with Boston (not Boston)’s crusty hardcore collective Wolfbeast Destroyer.
This is This Ends Here’s first recorded output since they decided to exclusively play songs over the eight minute mark, contributing the brilliant ‘Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees’ to this tape which is about twenty minutes long…. Whilst Wolfbeast Destroyer deliver 6 tracks of brutal, pummeling d-beat infused crusty hardcore.

You can pick one up for £3.00 plus postage here and hear/download it here.

Cheers! Fran & Zoe

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Tout Suite – S/T 7″ Out Now!

Hi everyone,

Tout Suite’s self titled 7″ vinyl is now available in a variety of stupidly eye wateringly bright colour sleeves. Fast as fuck DIY D-beat fuzzcore from Manchester.

You can check the record out here and pick one up for £3.50 plus postage here.

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Burnt Cross – Wheels Of Misfortune Out Now!

Hey Everyone,

Burnt Cross are back once again with what will most likely be their last release, a 12″ compilation of their last four 7″s (plus a couple of unreleased ones) that comes with a huge 65cm x 65cm poster (kinda like the original Crass records used to).

Once again all recorded totally DIY in Rob’s Bedroom on an 8 track.
19 tracks on black vinyl. You can pick up a copy for a fiver plus postage on our webstore and you can check the record out online here (Youtube link).

Cheers, F&ZX

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IDIOTEQ.COM – Prejudice Me Interview


We recently did an interview with one of our favourite online webzines, the fantastic IDIOTEQ.COM. We mainly talk about the 5 year anniversary comp but we also chat about lots of other stuff too.

You can read the interview and check out loads of other awesome stuff here –  IDIOTEQ.COM

Cheers! Fran & Zoe

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Holiday – California Steamin’ 12″ Out Today

Hey everyone!

The much anticipated debut 12″ from Holiday is finally here! Everybody’s favourite grumpy funsters are back with ten tracks of personally political melodic gruff punk on oregano green vinyl. They’re also hitting up France & Spain over the next couple of weeks (you can check the event page on Facebook for more details) but they’re kicking off in Bristol tonight.

You can pick one up here (it’s £6.00 plus postage) and download/stream the whole record for free here.

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This Ends Here/Conqueror Worm split 12″ Out Now

Hey Everyone!

The long awaited split 12″ between the mighty This Ends Here and the brutal Conqueror Worm both from Bristol, UK is out today!

This Ends Here have teamed up with the mighty Conqueror Worm to deliver a pummeling slice of wax. More of the brilliantly crafted political crust that This Ends Here are known for and 12 tracks of brutal crusty noise from CW. Available on regular black or red/black marble vinyl.

You can here a couple of tracks from each of the bands on their respective bandcamps both here and here.

You can also pick one up for a fiver plus postage from us here.

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