Other labels/distros:

Pumpkin Records (England) – collective which includes label, distro, gigs, recording studio and web design. Based in Manchester.

Riotska Records (England) – label, gigs and distro, based in Bristol.

TNS Records (England) – label, distro, gigs and zine. Based in Manchester.

Righteous Anger Records and Promotions (Wales) – label, distro and gigs.

Infiltrate The System (England) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Manchester.

EHC (England) – record label and screenprinting.

Distro-y (Ireland) – label and distro.

Outsider Art (England) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Bournemouth.

Invektiv Records (England) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Leeds.

Circus of the Macabre Records (England) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Stoke.

Active Rebellion (England) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Leeds.

Panda Banda (Slovenia) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Ljubljana.

Contraszt! Records (Germany) – label and distro. Based in Cologne.

Dzsukhell Rekords (Hungary/Austria) – label, distro and gigs.

Music For Liberation / Coffee Breath (Czech Republic) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Prague.

Antikoerper-Export (Germany) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Hannover.

Crust Almighty (Australia) – label and distro based in Sydney.

86’d Records (America) – label, distro and zine. Based in New York.

Typewriter distro (Netherlands) – anarchist book distro.

Beer Records (France) – label, based in Paris.

Rope or Guillotine (Netherlands) – label, distro, gigs and tourbooking. Based in  Nijmegen.

Rad Nauseum (UK) – Label and distro, based in Oxfordshire.

Lifeisafunnything (Germany) – Label, based in Berlin

Incredible Noise (Germany) – Label and Distro, based in Kothausen


Subrosa (Manchester Social Centre) – Manchester’s Autonomous social centre, they do film screenings, discussions, hold meetings and have a vegan cafe that sells awesome food at reasonable prices.

Royal Park Community Consortium (RPCC) – charity, trying to turn an old school into a community centre in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, England.

Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair – annual anarchist bookfair in Manchester, England. Includes stalls, talks and often an after-party gig.

Anti-Capitalist Action Manchester (ACA Manchester)

Manchester Animal Action (MAA) – local  campaigns group, against all forms of animal exploitation.

OK Cafe (Manchester) – temporary DIY squatted social centre.

Unity Day (Leeds) – annual community festival held in Hyde Park area.

IWW – union run by the workers, for the workers.



Under the Pavement – anarchist radio show, based in Manchester, England.

Footprint Workers Co-op – ethical printers, based in Leeds, England,

Punk Gigs Manchester – website with all upcoming gigs in Manchester, England.

Dirty Weekend Festival – yearly DIY UK punk festival.

0161 Festival – anti-fascist festival in Manchester.

Teatime Collective – vegan cafe and catering in Manchester.

BGB Promotions – gigs in York, England.

Blow the Scene – underground music, art and news.

Barnivore – find out if alcohol is vegan, or not!

Happy Cow – dining guide for veggie/vegan places to eat around the world. Great for vegans on holiday/tour.