Other labels/distros:

Pumpkin Records (England/Bulgaria) – collective which includes label, distro, gigs and recording studio.

TNS Records (England) – label, distro, gigs and zine. Based in Manchester.

Distro-y (Ireland) – label and distro.

Outsider Art (England) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Brighton.

Circus of the Macabre Records (England) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Stoke.

Panda Banda (Slovenia) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Ljubljana.

Contraszt! Records (Germany) – label and distro. Based in Cologne.

Dzsukhell Rekords (Hungary/Austria) – label, distro and gigs.

Music For Liberation / Coffee Breath (Czech Republic) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Prague.

Antikoerper-Export (Germany) – label, distro and gigs. Based in Hannover.

Crust Almighty (Australia) – label and distro based in Sydney.

86’d Records (America) – label, distro and zine. Based in New York.

Rope or Guillotine (Netherlands) – label, distro, gigs and tourbooking. Based in Nijmegen.

Lifeisafunnything (Germany) – Label, based in Berlin.

Incredible Noise (Germany) – Label and distro, based in Kothausen.

Brassneck Records (Wales) – Label and distro, based in Cardiff.

No Time Records (USA) – Label and gigs in Orange County, CA.

Nothing to Harvest Records (Greece) – label and distro based in Karditsa.

Pyrrhic Defeat (Wales) – label and distro based near Conwy.


Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair – annual anarchist bookfair in Manchester, England. Includes stalls, talks and often an after-party gig.

Manchester Hunt Sabs – Protecting the countryside’s wildlife since the 60’s

0161 Community – community group promoting a strong, unified Mancunian working class identity. People of all backgrounds uniting to take control of their neighbourhoods. They seek to empower the unheard and provide youth with skills, guidance and confidence.

Unity Day (Leeds) – annual community festival held in Hyde Park area.

IWW – union run by the workers, for the workers.



Under the Pavement – anarchist radio show, based in Manchester, England.

Footprint Workers Co-op – ethical printers, based in Leeds, England,

0161 Festival – anti-fascist festival in Manchester.

Levy Punk Weekender– 2 1/2 day DIY benefit fest in glorious Levenshulme

Teatime Collective – vegan cafe and catering in Manchester.

BGB Promotions – gigs in York, England.

Idioteq – online zine with news, reviews and interviews with hardcore bands.

DIY Conspiracy – web journal for hardcore punk music and culture.

Blow the Scene – underground music, art and news.

Barnivore – find out if alcohol is vegan, or not!

Happy Cow – dining guide for veggie/vegan places to eat around the world. Great for vegans on holiday/tour.