So far we have almost fifty releases under our hat.

smells like community spirit cover

The first was a benefit compilation CD raising money and awareness for the Royal Park Community Consortium, who are trying to turn a derelict school in the Hyde Park area of Leeds (UK) into a community centre for everyone to use.

*This has now sold out*


We have also helped co-release:

od-tttwalbumcoverOfficer Down‘s second album ‘Thrown to the water’ (melodic hardcore from Evesham, UK).

£1 (sale) + p&p



Burnt_Cross_Mankinds_ObituaryBurnt Cross‘ third full length CD ‘Mankind’s Obituary’ (old school political punk from Brighton, UK).

*This has now sold out*



one8sevenOne(8)Seven‘s debut EP ‘Defence Starts with Heart’ (hardcore crack-rock from Luxembourg).

*This has now sold out*



copproblemalbumcover1Cop Problem‘s very first self titled 7″ EP (crusty hardcore/d-beat from Philadelphia, US).

£1 (sale) + p&p



rrdtcidesplitRivers Run Dry Tyrannicide split 12″ (Rivers Run Dry are a political crust/d-beat band from Hungary, Austria and Holland. Tyranicide were an anarcho hardcore band from Holland).

*This has now sold out*


Burnt_Cross_Protest_punkBurnt Cross‘ Protest Punk 7″ (our second release with Burnt Cross. More of the same politi-punk, two new tunes and three unreleased ones from over the last few years).

*This has now sold out*


lawine_coverLawine‘s S/T 12″ (anarchist political hardcore from Amsterdam and Nijmegen, Holland).

£5 + p&p



tape_pmIn May 2013 we released our first tape sampler, featuring a song from each of the bands we’ve released so far.

*This has now sold out*


Filthpact Chulo coverFilthpact/Chulo split 7″ EP (Scottish socio-political crust/violence band filthpact team up with Columbian P/V legends Chulo delivering 4 tracks each.)

*This has now sold out*


Atterkop EP coverAtterkop – S/T EP (tape) (Anti-fascist skacore from Bristol, feat. current and ex-members of One Shot, Private Gain and Offbeat heroes.)

£3 plus p&p


RRDDrip of Lies split.Rivers Run Dry/Drip Of Lies split 7″ EP (Bleak Euro crust from Hungarian D-beat machine Rivers Run Dry and Polish legends Drip of Lies)

£3 plus p&p


No Confidence - Cover Front

No Confidence – Keep Going Nowhere 12″ (Raging 90’s style hardcore from Italy, members Of xKATExMOSHx, Taste the Floor and loads more.

*This has now sold out*


Cop Problem - bbwn EP

Cop Problem – Buried Beneath White Noise 7″ EP (4 more raging tracks of crusty hardcore from Philly)

£3 plus p&p



Burnt Cross Anthrax

Burnt Cross/Anthrax – Split 7″ EP (Old school veterans Anthrax team up with the UK’s finest political two piece)

*This has now sold out*



Oaken Marnost split

Marnost/Oaken – Split 12″ (Super political split from the Czech Republic’s finest antifascist death metal band and Hungary’s synth-crust supergroup Oaken. )

£5 plus p&p


lv-frontLandverraad/Monday Suicide – Split 12″ (Dutch political superfast hardcore vs. brutally political garage punk from Belarus)

*This has now sold out*



This Ends Here afterwards square

This Ends Here – Afterwards 7″ EP (Heavy, political crusty hardcore from Bristol, UK)

*This has now sold out*



Trophies – There Will Be No Light 12″ LP

Political emo-ish hardcore from MalmöSweden.

£6 + p&p


Kate Mosh 7 Star 7 splitxKATExMOSHx/Sete Star Sept – split 7″

Italy’s finest powerviolence and Legendary Japanese grind .

*This has now sold out*



Holiday/Epic Problem – S/T split 7″

Political pop punk from all over the UK.

*This has now sold out*


Burnt Cross Life is a Battlefield Burnt Cross – Life Is A Battlefield 7″

More old school anarcho – style political punk from Brighton’s favourite two-piece.

*This has now sold out*


Manifest tape cover

Manifest – The Path To Resistance (Tape)

Manchester political hardcore

£2.50 + p&p


Indoctrinate aftermaths cover

Indoctrinate – Aftermaths 12″ LP

Political crusty hardcore from Vienna

*This has now sold out*


Prolefeed Watt split cover

Prolefeed/War All The Time – Split 12″

Stupidly fast grindcore/PV from Newcastle/Leeds

*This has now sold out*


Eaglehaslanded cover

Eaglehaslanded – S/T 7″

Experimental Street Screamo from St. Petersburg

£3.50 + p&p


Shameless - Fourth Floor Cover

Shameless – Fourth Floor 7″

90’s Hardcore From Cosenza, South Italy.

£3.50 + p&p


TS Salvo square

Tout Suite/Salvo – Split Tape

Political blastbeat/hardcore from Manchester.

£3.00 + p&p


Front Cover

Atterkop – Liber Abaci ” LP

Mathematically themed album of political skacore from Bristol

£5.00 + p&p


Six Score Lebensraume

Six-Score – Lebensraume 12″ LP

Super political Grindcore from Linz/Vienna

£5.00 + p&p



To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we released a tape and zine called ‘I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness’

£3.00 plus postage

Or you can download it for free or donation.

Child Meadow– It Hurts 12″ LP

Two piece French emo

£6.00 plus postage


This Ends Here/Conqueror Worm – Split 12″

Political crusty hardcore/noisy grind from Bristol

£5.00 plus postage


Holiday – California Steamin’, 12″

Political gruff melodic punk from the North West via Bristol

£6.00 plus postage


Burnt Cross – Wheels Of Misfortune, 12″

Old school political punk from Brighton.

*This has now sold out*


Tout Suite – S/T 7″

DIY Manchester D-Beat Fuzzcore

£3.50 plus postage


This Ends Here/Wolfbeast Destroyer – Split Tape

Brutal Gloomy D-beat split from Bristol/Boston

£3.00 plus postage


70cm³ Of Your Chest – at first Chaos came to be, 12″

Powerful Epic Hardcore from Lithuania

£6.00 plus p&p


Rivers Run Dry/Zerum – Split 12″

Epic gloomy hardcore/Cryptocrust

£5.00 + p&p


Atterkop – Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking, 12″

Political hardcore from Bristol

£6.00 + p&p


Kalpa – A Grand Misconception 12”

Loud DIY hardcore band from Athens, Greece

£5.50 + p&p 


Better Reality – I Like Punk Life 7”

DIY super posi raw punk from Manchester/Sheffield

*This has now sold out*


Spillage – Demo 2019 (tape)

New band from Manchester featuring our Fran on vocals! Spillage play melodic hardcore for the socially maligned

£3.00 + p&p


This Ends Here – The Last Hundred Years (tape)

The mighty Bristolian atmospheric crusty gloom merchants are back with just over 20 minutes of misery

£3.50 + p&p


Better Reality / Dad – Split 7”

Manchester/Sheffield’s Better Reality deliver three tracks of their now trademark posi raw punk, whilst Merseyside’s PV punks belt out 3 straight up blastbeat bangers

*This has now sold out*


Spillage – S/T 7”

First vinyl release from our very own ‘Spillage’. Four tracks of super political miserable hardcore

*This has now sold out*

Axe Rash / Therapy – Split 7″

Raw Hardcore Punk from Stockholm/Uppsala and San Diego!

£4 + p&p


Moonflower – Demo 2022

Cosmic forest crust from Manchester, UK.

£4.00 + p&p


Chicken’s Call – LP (2023)

Ten tracks of catchy DIY punk with a blazing anarcho undercurrent from Grenoble’s finest.

£8.00 + p&p

To buy any of the releases above, and to check out our distro, please visit the Prejudice Me webstore.

We are mainly interested in releasing DIY punk records but are open to anything; however we will not deal with any racism, fascism, homophobia, sexism or any other bigotry of any kind from anyone or any organisation. If this applies to you, please keep your twisted ideals to yourself and take a good hard look at yourself. We do not release or distribute music by politically shady bands and never will.