Rivers Run Dry/Zerum – Split 12″ Out Now!

Hi everyone,

We’re super pleased to announce that we picked up our copies of the brilliant new split between Rivers Run Dry and Zerum last weekend. In our opinion it’s probably the best recorded output by both bands so far.

Zerum offer up three tracks of sludgy crusty political hardcore (they also feature ex-members of one our favourite bands – Biała Gorączka!) that are for some reason titled in binary code. Rivers Run Dry have offered up 6 tracks of their trademark epic crusty d-beat with fierce political content. It also comes on really cool marbled vinyl in a variety of nine different colours as seen below. You can check out Rivers Run Dry’s side here and Zerum’s side here. All colours are available on our Big Cartel site for £5.00 + p&p.

Take care! Fran & Zoe X

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