New Records and Massive Distro Additions

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we updated this but we have loads of massive news!

Atterkop EP coverFirst up, we’ve got a new record out! Atterkop’s debut EP is released officially today, we’ve helped put the tape out alongside our Bristolian brethren Riot Ska Records and German cassette powerhouse Uga Uga Tapes. There are CDs also available from Riotska, Pumpkin, Unknown and Rodent Popsicle. For some reason they like to describe themselves as Dub/Punk but they really sound like late 90’s/early 00’s skacore bands like Capdown, Adequate seven, Five Knuckle but a lot more political, a lot faster and generally a lot better than most of those bands did. We’ve known the singer Chris for a long time and he was a massive help when we were starting up so when he started up a new band we knew we had to get involved in helping them out. They’re seriously one of the friendliest bands around.

You can listen to a few tracks here and if you like it buy one of the tapes here.

Secondly, we’re going to be helping out Dutch anarchist superheroes Landverraad out with their upcoming split 12″ with an amazing political garage punk band from Belarus called Monday Suicide. Well excited for this one, you can hear a new track from Landverraad’s side of the split here.

Also, we’ll be helping out our Friend Luka (Panda Banda)’s band Human Host Body release their first 12″. Amazing anarcho/thrash/eco-crust from Slovenia, we (well, Fran) like to call it green metal but we don’t think that’ll catch on! We have both of their demo tapes in the distro but you can also check them out online here¬†and here.

Lastly, we have added loads of stuff to the distro from two of our favourite record labels, Contraszt! Recs from Cologne, Germany and Halo Of Flies from Milwaukee, USA. loads to list here but check out the distro bits on the webstore for the additions.

Cheers for reading this and hopefully see you soon!

Fran & Zoe X


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