3 New Records Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!

Really sorry about the lack of updates this site keeps getting but we will sort it out one day. We’ve both been really busy recently helping set up Manchester’s new autonomous space Subrosa, things are starting to look really good and hopefully we’ll be set up and doing a roaring trade very soon.

So, as you may have guessed by the title, we have some new records coming out really soon.

Cop Problem - bbwn EP

Cop Problem – Buried Beneath White Noise 7″ EP

Cop Problem’s second release, more furiously political crusty hardcore. Their self titled 7″ was one of the first records we put out and since then they’ve been playing shows (or gigs if you prefer) with the likes of Leftover Crack, Converge and loads more. They’re about to embark on a few dates around north east USA with Enabler including a slot at New England Hardcore and Metal Fest. More details on these here.

RRDDrip of Lies split. Rivers Run Dry/Drip Of Lies split 7″

This has been out for some time in Europe but we’ll be getting our copies pretty soon. This is Rivers Run Dry at their bleakest but still just as brilliant as always and the Drip Of Lies side is an amazing piece of epic anti-fascist  crust. Most of the other labels that helped release it have been saying that this is for fans of From Ashes Rise before they went shit. Can’t argue with that!


No Confidence - Cover FrontNo Confidence – Keep Going Nowhere 12″

These guys play brilliant melodic hardcore kinda like Kid Dynamite, Limp Wrist, 88 Fingers Louie etc. and feature members of bands like xKATExMOSHx, Taste The Floor and loads more.  Really excited to get this out, should hopefully be with us really soon too!



All these will be available on our webstore when we get hold of them so keep checking back here or on our FB account.


Fran & Zoe

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