xKATExMOSHx/Sete Star Sept splits are finally here!

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a new record out! A split 7″ between the finest Italian Powerviolence band named after a UK supermodel, xKATExMOSHx, and legendary Japanese grindcore duo Sete Star Sept. It’s brutal, pummeling and fucking amazing!

You can pick one up from our webstore for £3 plus p&p or send us an email if you don’t want to pay via paypal.

You can check out the entire xKATExMOSHx side here –  http://xkatexmoshx.bandcamp.com/album/xkatexmoshx-sete-star-sept-split

And you can here a couple of the Sete Star Sept tunes here – https://soundcloud.com/setestarsept

Cheers! Fran & Zoe X

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