Shitloads of new records and even more coming soon!


new flyer may 14 FINAL copyHey everyone!

So, we have had four new records out in the past couple months by the likes of Burnt Cross, Anthrax, Cop Problem, No Confidence, Rivers Run Dry and Drip Of Lies. They’re all up on the webstore and you can check out what they sound like on the releases tab up on the top ( click on the links to bands and they’re should either be a Bandcamp link or somewhere to listen to it)

<- This is our most up to date flyer, if you want copies to hand round your local area or anything we can send you some alongside some stickers and badges and whatever else we can find laying around!


In addition to these, coming soon we have a split 12″ between experimental synth-crust band Oaken and antifascist black metallers Marnost.  Really looking forward to this one, lots of European labels already have their copies, Oaken have members of Rivers Run Dry, Tyrell’s Owl and loads more from the Dzukhell collective in Hungary (They’re next record has been picked up by the mighty Alerta Antifascista records!). Marnost are another collective band from the Czech Republic featuring members Of Gattaca, Remek and other Music For Liberation bands.

Our other biggie is the return of Dutch anarcho superheroes Landverraad and Belarus political garage punkers Monday Suicide. Anyone who caught Landverraad on their last UK tour that they’re absolutely amazing and the coolest people. Monday Suicide are a brilliant new(ish) band from Belarus, check out the link above to hear some tunes.

Lastly, massive thanks to everyone who’s ordered some stuff over the past few months. It’s really appreciated not only by us but also but the fine people at Subrosa Manchester who we’ve been helping out for the past year and a half.

Cheers! Fran & zoe X


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